Friday, August 5, 2011

GenCon Day 2 More Madness

OK, so yesterday's Will Call line was maybe 45 minutes. Day 2 was a nightmare for those poor devils. I heard 2 hours and it was certainly The Mother of All Convention lines, doubling back upon itself before running out the door, down the street and God knows where. I think that next year to spread the OSR cheer, some of us should run games of S&W Whitebox up and down the line just as a service for our fellow gamers. Speaking of the OSR:

OSR Booth FTW!

So, yeah dropped by first thing and threw down on some OSR goodies. I'm going over there to hang out for a bit, maybe run into some of the blogging crew. Hopefully run some S&W Whitebox tonight. I had to hit the auction first thing this morning to drop off some items. I always dig through the stuff I don't want pile of junk to fund more goodies.

Oh yeah, shock of all shocks, old Scadgrad got in on a Pathfinder session where I got to play a Ninja. So, of course I flipped out and did some backstabbing for like a gazillion points of damage, which of course the bad guys shrugged off because they have like 5X gazillion HPs. Was a good session though and the DM ran a fun, loose game with not too much in the way of power gaming. Ninjas are so sweet. :)

Scadgrad is da Black Ninja lurking on da rooftopz

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  1. Keep the updates coming!
    The OSR booth looks awesome, can't say it enough!