Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PDF for 20 Zombies Now Available

© Charlie Adlard
 Outstanding artist of The Walking Dead comic book
Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to include an illustration of my own for the first page of the pdf. I think the illo ended up looking like a Charlie Adlard drawing stumbled into a B/X illustration (with apologies to EO and the wonderful Mr Willingham), in a funny sort of way. I had hoped to complete it sooner but band practice for all of our St Pat's gigs and other stuff just seemed to get in the way (including the Dice Drop table which I needed for a 1E start up session).

So, there it is, enjoy and fill those halls with loads of zombies you evil necromancers.

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  1. Man! That is GREAT! I'm printing it to put into CotMA level 7... Awesome! Thanks!