Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dice Drop table for AD&D Quick Start PCs

Dice Drop for Quickstart Weapons and Such
Here's a Dice Drop table for you to use to get CharGen accomplished quickly and get those adventurers down into the dungeon where they belong. You simply need a d6 & a d10, dropped into the center of the table. The sum of the 2 numbers (tricksy multiplication maths) produces starting gold (assuming they've spent most of it on weapons and what not) otherwise, the numbers on the dice mean nothing. The location of the d10 is cross referenced to the left banner for starting kit for all characters.

Armor and weapons are also determined by dice location on the table. Fighters get their pick from where the d6 & the d10 land. Other character classes are just a bit more complicated. All of the details are on page 2 of the PDF.

PDF download from MediaFire HERE

We used this today in our startup for an AD&D campaign at our FLGS and characters were up and going quite quickly. Of course, I had already tried this many times in "dry runs" as it were, but it was rewarding to use it in an actual session. You can probably adapt this for other fantasy RPGs and if so, just LMK how you did so.

The actual pdf will probably exceed the margins on most household or office printers so make sure you "shrink to printable area" when you print. You should get best results on a laser printer as they are typically capable of printing with much smaller margin space than an inkjet printer.


  1. Sweeeeeet! Thanks for sharing! This is going in my "box of tricks!"

  2. Glad you like it and hope it serves you well. Now get out there and start some new characters up. :)

  3. Lovely piece of work! Makes me want to hack out DCC's random equipment for peasants to replace with this, although that would leave them incredibly well-equipped!

  4. Very nice! I've been wanting something simple to create NPCs with & running a solo "random dungeon" while I am currently 'between gaming groups'. :(

  5. Beautifully illustrated AND highly useful. For anyone who wants to check out many of my own free gaming aids for Old School Fantasy RPG, check out The Iron Realm randomly generated MegaDungeon as well.