Friday, January 31, 2014

Beware of Scadgrads Bearing Gifts

So, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve paid enough attention to this blog. I think I’m lucky enough to be that rare gamer who suffers from too many games. Yes, that’s right folks, I could place blame on my lack of productive blogging on things like work, fatherhood, MMO play, my music, painting, etc. Truth is though, I simply play a lot of games and that’s how I choose to spend my hobby time. Currently, I have a weekly Friday game, a once-a-week online game (MapTools and Ventrillo), and a 2X month game with my kids and their friends. I also have a few other games that I run from time-to-time. So yeah, busy gamer, that’s me.

On the other hand, I have made all sorts of things that I intend to share with the gaming community and plan on doing so over the next few updates. This first piece is a rather large sub-level of my own massive, old school dungeon (Scadwrath Castle). I wanted to have a go at drawing dungeons without grid paper, drawing them in my sketchbook. Honestly, before I started reading Dyson’s blog, I had never even considered doing such a thing. Not sure how successful this one is, but man, it’s big enough that you could explore for hours and hours. It consists of 95 rooms, 5 different levels most of which are finished rooms and passages, but a few caverns. I’ve color-coded the hand lettering so that you can more easily see where the level changes are located. I’ve stocked this myself and will probably upload that at some point.

On the other hand, it would probably be more fun to see what folks out in the OSR can do with it.

Download a PDF of the dungeon HERE. Note that the original is about 8" x 8" so you'll want to click the "fit page" radio button on your print dialogue window. I've left room at the bottom of the PDF so you can write notes if need be.