Wednesday, February 5, 2014

That 1d6 Dungeon You Always Wanted

Or rather, the one one I always wanted. I thought that for one of the sub-levels of Scadwrath Castle, I'd do something quite silly and off-the-wall. After all, the setting Moog is a very silly, gonzo place and this just struck me as something that should be there, someplace. The idea is that, maybe I want to hide something in this dungeon, or maybe the baddies have kidnapped a princess and spirited her away in one of the six sectors (there is no shortage of princesses available for kidnap/rescue cosplay in the city of Vermistadt, which lies above this massive dungeon, if that's the sort of thing your adventurers are into). So, roll a d6 and that's where the goodies/Rod of Seven Parts/Princess Buttercup (you get the idea) is/are located.

Now, I originally got this idea from Zach S's awesome city street idea in his Vornheim book. Seriously, you must have that book. Go buy it here if you don't already have it. And yes, yes I grock the whole architectural impossibility of it all, but hey, there are massive, cyclopean stones here, eldritch magic, etc.  There are 5 levels here keyed up for you to do as you will with it. There's even an exit to wherever over there near areas 45 & 87. Hell, I don't even know where that goes. I color coded them so it's easier to see where one level ends and a new one begins.

Like the other maps for Scadwrath Castle, there are plenty of pools, statues, etc. so you can have fun bedeviling the poor saps who wander into the place. The checkerboard floors (constructed from marble one supposes) are of course harmless, but placing a trap on just one of them will scar your players for life. You can chuckle with maniacal glee from that point forward as they pointlessly take all sorts of time to circumnavigate a pretty, but otherwise normal floor whenever they encounter them in the future.

As for the backstory and the key, yes, I will probably provide a fully keyed version at some point and may do the entire thing (12-ish levels not counting the upper works of the castle itself) just so my kids can put it to good use some day. The maps are part of a massive, active dungeon complex that lies beneath the gonzo city of Vermistadt. It's basically a 0E or 1E WHFRP city that sprung up over a series of ruined dwarves mines and ruins. The castle, belongs to a mysterious and powerful duke who maintains his own little duchy within the city walls. Part of the complex houses his Shadow Born undead legion which he keeps in top fighting shape by throwing a never ending stream of eager and obviously, slightly deranged adventurers at them. The adventurers who fall in the initial levels just unwittingly signed up for long term service in his Grace's legion, but hey, there's an awesome dental plan. Consider it a Roach Motel for greedy adventurers, thinning the herd so that only the truly epic delvers can pass on into the higher levels of experience.

So, yeah, use it as you please, but of course I retain copyright on it (as well the other stuff on this blog) for print purposes, etc.

Link to pdf download is HERE. The original was drawn is the weird little square sketchbook I have lying around. It's roughly 8" x 8" so, you may need to adjust your printing accordingly.


  1. It doesn't look like you update this blog anymore, but if you get back around to it we should exchange links, my blog is so check it out if you ever get back ok.

    1. I'm just now finding the time to come back to the blog, so I should be more active this fall.

  2. Hello, T Mullins. Let me know when you are going to continue writing your blog. If you need some assistance, contact me.

    1. I plan on having a post about ICONS supers rpg in the coming days. Thanks for your interest.

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