Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amherth Work Continues

Still cranking on this project and my thanks go out to Peter who has been patiently nudging me along through a surprisingly busy spring semester. I've a few more things to get finished before Finals Week and that should give me a brief respite before starting up again for Summer. I only teach online course during summer semester, but those take far more of ones time than you might realize.

At any rate, about the work here, these are all traditional pen and ink and are on some level, my own homage to DAT. The heavy blacks might be a bit much, but my thoughts are they will add a nice bit of "color" to the layout, giving a nice contrast to the type. I'm not sure I have a favorite, but I'm partial to to the tree trunk croc monster. Can't wait to use one of those guys on some unsuspecting PCs.


  1. Great work! I can't wait for this one to get released. I had fun working on it as well.

  2. Thanks JB, I'm really looking forward to seeing it in print as well.

  3. Great work from both of you guys. I'll need to get your postal addresses so I can Lulu you a copy. This is only a map away from going to print. ;)